Anthony Henry Describes Differences Between His Triple H And Tony Khan Interactions

Anthony Henry is part of a tag team in AEW and on the independent wrestling scene known as The WorkHorsemen. Henry and JD Drake have been teaming up since 2017. The WorkHorsemen mainly wrestle on AEW's YouTube shows "Dark" and "Dark: Elevation." It wasn't that long ago with Henry was working, primarily as a singles wrestler, for WWE. He competed on "205 Live" and "NXT" under the name Asher Hale. In an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc., Henry described the differences between his interactions with WWE's Paul "Triple H" Levesque and AEW Owner Tony Khan.

"Tony's an interesting character," Henry said. "I don't know that he sleeps a whole lot. He's a busy, busy man. He's always on the go. But he will take the time out to speak with you. That was the other thing too, at WWE, I never met Vince. I did meet Hunter, of course. And I briefly talked to him a few times and he would tell me 'good match,' stuff like that. But no in-depth conversations."

Henry discussed his relationship with Khan and what the man in charge of AEW would take time to do.

"I talked to Tony Khan all the time. Now they're not super in-depth conversations. I don't go out to lunch or dinner with them or anything like that, of course. But he will take the time to thank us for being there and tell us it was a good match, or whatever. Give his feedback to us. Things like that. It is very hard to catch him when he is not busy though. So, I mean that's comes with the nature of it."

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