Goldberg's Favorite Scene From The Longest Yard Was Actually Cut

Like many wrestlers in the industry, Bill Goldberg decided to go Hollywood and test out his acting chops. After the dissolution of WCW and a short stint with WWE, he took a break from professional wrestling and took on many movie and TV gigs. One of his most prominent roles was when the WWE Hall of Famer played Joey "Battle" Battaglio in the 2005 remake of the "The Longest Yard."


During an interview with Movieweb, Goldberg talked about his experiences in the making of the film. He was grateful to work with many amazing actors and athletes, as the film featured appearances from former NFL players such as Michael Irvin, Terry Crews, Bob Sapp, Brian Bosworth, and Bill Romanowski. When asked about his favorite scene from the film, Goldberg revealed that his favorite one was cut from the finished product.

"In the scene, I got a sack and took my helmet off to celebrate in the face of Knauer (William Fichter)," he said. "As he was getting up, I headbutted him with my head while he was wearing his helmet and I wasn't. I nailed him and really staggered him. It looked great."

The scene would eventually see the light of day — it ended up as an extra on the DVD release of "The Longest Yard."


The former WCW and WWE world champion also starred alongside famous actors Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and Nelly. But Goldberg wasn't the only wrestler in the film, which included WWE legends such as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, and The Great Khali.

Goldberg's last in-ring appearance was in February 2022 at WWE Elimination Chamber, when he faced Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. He hasn't been seen since, but he did recently provide an update on his WWE contract status.