Bray Wyatt Responds To Fan Joking He Is In Town For WWE SmackDown

Over the past couple of weeks, WWE has been teasing that something is on its way. After playing "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane with an ominous red light at events over the past week, and a QR code spotted during "Raw" that led to a video showing a game of hangman, many fans are speculating about what's going on. With popular theories leading to the return of Bray Wyatt as "The Fiend," Social media has been buzzing on when, or if, his return is indeed coming. One fan even spotted Wyatt at an airport, or so we thought. 


With tonight's edition of "SmackDown" being live from Salt Lake City, Utah, one fan took to social media to share a picture purportedly showing the former WWE Champion at the Salt Lake City Airport. One quick look though, and you can tell this airport patron is not Wyatt. Other than both Wyatt and the individual pictured having dreads, the two have next to no similarities. Despite the obvious troll, the tweet drew a response from Wyatt himself.

Wyatt replied saying, "I would never use Hertz. Yuck."

Hertz is a car rental company in the United States, and sure enough, the person photographed was seen using the rental service. Interestingly enough though, Wyatt didn't deny the claim that he was in Salt Lake City. Whether or not it's true will be revealed on Friday night's "SmackDown" as the White Rabbit's teaser from Monday's episode of "Raw" teased something happening during "SmackDown," specifically at 9:23 PM ET.