Teddy Long Appears To Go On Twitter Blocking Spree After Alleged Hack

UPDATE: Teddy Long has provided clarification on the alleged Twitter blocking spree to Wrestling Inc., confirming that it was fake account.

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long appeared to go on a blocking spree this weekend, as some of his former colleagues, peers, and members of the wrestling community have been on the receiving end of a suspected Twitter purging. However, it would appear that foul play is afoot. 

People within the wrestling world who've been blocked by the veteran have taken to social media to highlight their confusion. Per Sportskeeda, Renee Paquette, Saraya, Brandi Lauren, Joe Gacy, and Taz all shared screenshots of their accounts being blocked by the Hall of Famer, while also seeming dumbfounded over the situation. 

Of course, some wrestlers took the news with a pinch of salt. "Being blocked by Teddy long is so mainstream and overrated these days, how about try being blocked by Gene Simmons," Joey Janela tweeted while sharing evidence of his account being blocked by the KISS member. Matt Cardona, on the other hand, was feeling braggadocious after he learned that he'd avoided the purge. "Teddy Long hasn't blocked me! Hahahaha," he tweeted.

Others have claimed that Long's account was hacked. AEW star Dustin Rhodes noted that "he can't hate us all." Elsewhere, former WWE referee Brian Hebner confirmed Rhodes' suspicions on his own Twitter account. "Guys relax. His shot got hacked. I'm blocked too. And he is my Homie," he wrote.

Brandi Lauren reached out to Long and revealed that "he doesn't know what happened" in response to the aforementioned Hebner tweet.