Clarification On Teddy Long Allegedly Going On Mass Twitter Blocking Spree - Exclusive

It seems that the wrestling community was worked by online trolls. This weekend, many wrestlers and personalities took to social media to reveal that they were on the receiving end of Teddy Long's suspected blocking spree. However, it turns out that Long didn't block anyone and that a fake account was responsible for creating all of the confusion.


Wrestling Inc.'s Senior News Editor Nick Hausman reached out to Long for clarification following the incident, and the WWE Hall of Famer confirmed that it was all one big misunderstanding. "I spoke with @teddyplayalong and he told me that he hasn't blocked anyone in the last 24 hours," Hausman wrote. "As he has explained to me, there's a non-verified Teddy Long account that's blocking people and has created some confusion."

Long also took to Twitter to confirm that the troll account is fake. "I haven't blocked anybody that it is not my page my page has a blue sticker," he stated. The WWE Hall of Famer's account is set to private at the time of this writing.

Prior to Long's clarification on the matter, it was suspected that his account was hacked. Brian Hebner, who's a friend of the Hall of Famer, took to his own Twitter and encouraged everyone to "calm down," revealing that he was also on the receiving end of the confusion. Brandi Lauren also appeared to reach out to Long and confirm that he didn't know what was going on at the time. The good news, though, is that Long's account wasn't violated.