Booker T Reacts To Saraya Signing With AEW

Saraya made her AEW debut on the latest episode of "Dynamite," coming to the aid of Athena and Toni Storm during a beatdown from Britt Baker, Rebel, Jamie Hayter, and Serena Deeb. The reaction Saraya received was one of the largest crowd pops all night, as she stepped into a ring for the first time in a couple of years, last being seen on TV when she managed the Kabuki Warriors as Paige in WWE. Booker T has since reacted to her AEW debut.

"Great way to bring her back too, Arthur Ashe Stadium," Booker T said on the "Hall of Fame" podcast. "This crowd, you know, it popped. You could tell she was happy ... That smiling was just radiating around the arena so man, I'm glad to see her back. Me, personally, she's always been one of my favorites."

Saraya won the WWE Divas Championship twice before saying goodbye to the company. However, her career was cut short after a major injury in 2017, which she picked up in a match against Sasha Banks. Booker T commented on Saraya's previous injury during the podcast. 

"Paige's departure from the squared circle was unceremoniously not due to her anything of her own doing or anything like that, not really wanting to leave the business, but a medical issue. It was a scary, scary deal when Paige got that kick to the back and her body was just totally all over the place ... WWE is very, very serious about neck injuries. Very serious and touchy. Daniel Bryan was out for a neck injury for quite some time ... Saraya is still young enough to actually know, you know, her body limitations."