Drew McIntyre Gives Example Of Vince McMahon's Brain Working Quickly

Drew McIntyre has shared an example of how Vince McMahon's quick thinking improved his presentation. McIntyre is considered to be the top babyface on the "WWE SmackDown" brand. There was a time, however, when a simple flaw in a previously planned entrance could've done some harm to his reputation. McIntyre recalled the initial plan for his entrance creating more trouble than it was worth.

"The idea was that I was gonna walk to the ring with a sword on my back and then get in the ring with a sword on my back, pull it out and raise it," McIntyre told Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston's "Ten Count" podcast. "So, the props had all the equipment ready. I tried to put it on, it was uncomfortable. I was trying to walk with it. It just doesn't look cool, just the sword swinging all over the place, getting through the ropes, it might get caught."

McIntyre ended up addressing his concerns with the now retired McMahon in his office. It didn't take long for the former WWE CEO and Chairman to come up with a new plan. "He took the sword from me, went quiet for a second, swung it around his office, held it up, spun it around and shoved it down on the ground and went, 'Come with me.' We went to the stage and five minutes later he created the entrance where I walk out, hold up the sword, spin it around, shove it in the stage." These days, McIntyre takes the Scottish broadsword with him to the ring and the pyrotechnics are set off both on the stage and on the ring posts.

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