Crowbar Reflects On AEW Match Against Joey Janela

Former WCW and ECW star Crowbar is thankful for the opportunity he was given with AEW. Crowbar was in action on the October 11, 2021 episode of "AEW Dark: Elevation." He had a singles match with Joey Janela. Later on in the show, Crowbar, along with The Blue Meanie, thanked AEW for having him on the show. Serving as a guest on "Under The Ring," Crowbar shared the moment he was contacted for the appearance.

"It was awesome," Crowbar said. "I know that Joey Janela had something to do with that. He had been wanting to work with me for a while there. I reached out to QT [Marshall] via text and hadn't heard anything back. Then I was on summer vacation in Orlando, Florida at Disney getting ready for a Disney vacation. When you're on one of those you're gonna hit the buffets, you're gonna have the ice cream, you're gonna have the drinks, you're gonna enjoy your time with the family, and I get notified that they're gonna bring me in when I'm on the East Coast."

Crowbar discussed how the work he had been doing on social media led to his match with Janela in Philadelphia.

"I had been doing the promos online all through COVID," Crowbar said. I'd been doing this new character with the wine and being very condescending and yadda, yadda, yadda. This was like the payoff of all that."

The former WCW Cruiserweight, Tag Team, and Hardcore Champion said he was more than happy to showcase what he could do not only with his character work but what he could do physically as well.

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