Jake Roberts Tells The Tale Of The Smallest Crowd He Ever Played For

On the "DDP Snake Pit" podcast, Jake 'the Snake' Roberts and Diamond Dallas Page both shared stories about the smallest crowds they wrestled in front of during their careers. While Page shared that he had once wrestled in front of about 40 people in one of his early matches, Roberts was able to outdo his friend and co-host.


"Five [people]," Roberts said. "Here's the best part. Where was it at? Some city in Japan and we're on the roof of a 30-story apartment building ... and it's for the family that owns that building. That's the reason they did it. They owned that whole damn building, and he wanted a wrestling show and, by God, he got one."

Roberts described how he tried to make the most of the awkward situation.

"It was his two sons, his wife and him, [and] their daughter. They did not do one damn thing during the whole show. They never clapped," Roberts continued. "They just sat there with their hands crossed. And we're in the ring, and then it starts to rain. And it rains really hard. I went out and stole one of their umbrellas and stood in the corner and shielded myself from the weather. Then I got tagged in and I came in the ring fighting with my umbrella."


Though it sounds entertaining in hindsight, the small crowd was apparently not pleased.

"Afterwards they chewed my ass for making a cartoon out of it. I said, 'Well, I kind of think you made a cartoon out of it when you put us on top of a building in front of five people in a rainstorm.'"

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