Nick Miller

Ypsilanti, Michigan
Oakland University
Wrestling, Comics, Movies
  • Nick is a life-long wrestling fan who has previously written scripts for WatchMojo concerning wrestling and other pop culture topics.
  • He's currently working on his first video game, a 2D fantasy adventure about a bard.
  • Previously, Nick co-founded and co-hosted a college radio show and podcast called Popular Static, discussing the latest movies and TV shows.


Nick has been a freelance writer since 2018, focusing mostly on the automotive industry and upcoming vehicles. Before that, Nick worked as a wedding videographer and editor. Throughout college, he wrote and directed several comedic student films, and has recently begun designing a video game from the ground-up with some close friends. He's been an avid professional wrestling viewer his whole life, and can't get enough of the modern style of in-ring action.


Nick graduated from Oakland University in 2016, where he studied cinema, journalism, and political science.
Stories By Nick Miller