Jake Roberts Gives Update On His Autobiography

Jake Roberts is currently known for the words he speaks into a microphone, but fans will be able to read his words in print soon enough. On the latest episode of "DDP Snake Pit" with Conrad Thompson and Diamond Dallas Page, Roberts was asked about the status of his autobiography, a project he made mention of a while back. Roberts confirmed that the book is still being written and fans should be cracking open that spine sooner than expected.

"In fact, I sniped one of your guys," Roberts told Thompson, referring to his team at AdFreeShows.com. "He done a bunch of research for me. I paid him well and got me the information I needed, so I can tell you that I'm going to be finishing that book within the next month."

Given Roberts' backstory inside and outside the ring, The Snake should have plenty of stories to share, and from the sound of it, readers should look forward to a biography with a lot of detail behind it.

"I'm doing it all on my own," Roberts said. "I'm paying my way the whole way through. I'll buy as many books as I can and then when I sell them off, I'll buy some more, but I'm not going to give my book away. We're looking at about 600 pages, 700 pages."

Once Roberts' autobiography is finished, both Hall of Fame "Snake Pit" co-hosts will have their own books. Page released his "Positively Unstoppable" book, which is part autobiography, part self-help book, in 2019.