MJF Brings Up Brian Pillman Jr. Dating Strippers While Talking How He Met Fiance

Naomi Rosenblum's road to becoming the future Mrs. MJF began in the unlikeliest manner: with a case of mistaken identity.

In an interview with KFC Radio, MJF recalled working with Brian Pillman Jr. in Major League Wrestling and being amazed at what his type was in regards to female companionship. "He would walk in and, without hesitation or failure, there would always be a stripper," he said. "Always, always, always, always, always."

After being on the road with Pillman for several months though, something changed. "We do a show in New York and he walks in with a girl that looked normal," MJF continued, noting Pillman's date did not fit some of the stereotypes people have associated with exotic dancers in the past.

When Pillman stepped away for a few minutes, MJF approached the woman, trying to confirm if she fit into Pillman's previous pattern. She responded incredulously that she was an Ivy League student, with MJF explaining that she didn't seem like the type of woman Pillman usually dated.

After asking her if she had "any friends with better judgment" than one who would go out with Pillman, he was shown a photo of "the most gorgeous redhead I've ever seen – and her last name was Rosenblum." The surname was important to MJF, because he "had to wrestle in like Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, all these horrible places, and there are no Jews — they don't know what a Jew is."

MJF contacted Rosenblum via FaceTime while she was at work, introducing himself and declaring that he'd be taking her out that weekend. "And she paused [and said], 'Sure, okay,'" he said. "She hung up. And then we went out." And that's how MJF found love. 

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