The Boogeyman Makes Request Of WWE

With Halloween on the horizon in various countries around the world, it's interesting to look back at the spooky, horror-inspired characters that made an impact on professional wrestling, such as The Undertaker, Kane, "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, and others. One persona that might not get the same recognition, however, is The Boogeyman, who terrified kids growing up during the Ruthless Aggression Era of WWE with his weird gyrations, creepy nursery rhymes, and of course, tendency to eat live worms.

The Boogeyman signed a WWE Legends contract on November 6, 2015, granting him a long-term deal with infrequent, non-wrestling appearances required. However, the captivating star seems to be seeking some new endeavors, and he took to Twitter to express an idea. Wearing the yellow, red, and black facepaint that is his signature, Boogeyman posted a photo with a WWE Network hat on, saying simply, "Bring Boogeyman Back To TV,."

Though the bulk of his WWE career lasted only five years, Boogeyman picked up some major wins and was featured in significant rivalries in WWE. The clock-smashing superstar had a feud with John Bradshaw Layfield that led to a victory over the former WWE Champion for The Boogeyman, and, more notoriously, a segment in which he ate the strange growth on Jillian Hall's face. Other notable feuds during the peak of his run included a victory over WWE Hall of Famer Booker T at WrestleMania 22, as well as a feud with Fit Finlay that finally ended The Boogeyman's winning streak — he had remained undefeated for over a year on "WWE SmackDown," though he only wrestled 12 televised matches during that time.