Fandango Confirms Abandoned Plans For Southpaw Regional Wrestling Season 3

Fandango, aka Curtis Hussey, revealed that there were plans in motion for a Season 3 of the WWE's satirical "Southpaw Regional Wrestling" show, but those plans were scrapped. The former WWE wrestler was a guest on the most recent episode of the "Cafe De Réné" podcast with Réné Dupree and shared insight into what happened with the nixed season.


"We filmed the teaser trailer for [Season 3]," Hussey said. "And then they fired not only all the talent, but then they fired the whole digital department." 

Hussey said he believes former WWE CEO Vince McMahon didn't like the show "at all," but agreed to keep it going because of its success on YouTube.

"Vince is a businessman, so if something does good numbers, he'll go with it just because he's a businessman," Hussey said. "But I think he hated it because he thought it was kind of a spoof on 'wrasslin.' I think he wants to get his company as far away from that stigma as possible."

The premise behind "Southpaw Regional Wrestling" is that the WWE found lost footage in its archive of an old southern wrestling company and is airing them for the world. The WWE had initially announced a third season of "Southpaw Regional Wrestling" for the show back in 2020. On the YouTube show, Hussey played the role of color commentator "Chet Chetterfield," who sat alongside the show's main host, "Lance Catamaran," played by John Cena.


Hussey said one of the most memorable things from filming the show was how quickly Cena picked up the lines.

"John had probably 10 pages of probably six episodes of verbiage. He looked at it for like 20 minutes and memorized the whole thing," he said. "And, dude, he did it all in one take. And I'm like, 'Holy sh–.' That was the first time I was like, 'This is acting.' His brain is wired for that."