What Happened After 10/3 WWE Raw Went Off The Air

Bitter rivals Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle brawled again after this week's "WWE Raw" went off the air. 

According to fans at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, Rollins came out and cut a promo after the show, noting that the "no contact clause" in the contract for his Fight Pit match against Riddle has "officially expired" and that he's ready to throw down with The Original Bro. 


Riddle then ran down to the ring and the two Superstars brawled around ringside for several minutes. When they finally returned to the ring, Rollins got the upper hand and hit a Stomp. Interestingly, Rollins received a babyface reaction despite being a heel, as fans in the arena sang his theme music. 

Earlier in the night, Rollins and Riddle made things very personal in another heated promo exchange, with references being made to Riddle paying child support to see his kids, Rollins being outshined by his wife, Becky Lynch, and Roman Reigns, and Rollins not holding any championship gold in WWE since 2019. Eventually, Daniel Cormier, the special referee for the Fight Pit match, would appear on the titantron and declare that the time for talking was over. Cormier would praise both men's talents before vowing to be "the enforcer that this match needs," stressing that he wouldn't allow his personal biases to influence the match.   


While WWE has yet to officially announce the main event for Saturday's Extreme Rules premium live event, all signs point to the Rollins vs. Riddle Fight Pit bout going last at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Rollins had won their previous encounter at Clash at the Castle last month.