Tony Khan Comments On Possibility Of Andrade El Idolo Leaving AEW

Tony Khan has seen the future of the AEW — and Andrade El Idolo might not be in it.

In an interview for "My Mom's Basement with Robbie Fox," Khan seemingly dissed Andrade ahead of his Mask vs. Career Match against Preston "10" Vance of the Dark Order coming up on "Rampage" October 7.

"Andrade is a terrible guy. If Andrade loses this match, he would leave AEW forever," stated Khan. "And frankly, you know, the way things have gone with Andrade and the way things have carried on, I think a lot of people might not mind that," he continued. "But it'll be an interesting situation to follow."

While presumably pointing Andrade to the exit, Khan had nothing but love for another Mexican wrestler in the AEW ranks, praising Rush as a two-time Ring of Honor Champion and a presence who is "red hot in AEW lately."

"If Andrade were to lose this match," Khan said, referring back to the "Rampage" contest, "I think Rush could be a great leader for LFI" –- a reference to La Faccion Ingobernable, which Andrade co-founded back in CMLL (along with Rush and La Máscara) during his La Sombra days. 

Khan's comments about Andrade appear to mirror the wrestler's recent frustration about his position in the AEW. He recently dropped several unsubtle hints about his unhappiness on Twitter with one showcasing the hashtag "#FreeElIdolo" and another simply featuring an hourglass GIF. Yet one more had Andrade doing the signature DX crotch chop while indicating that he'd like for Triple H to get in touch with him, potentially for a return to where he worked for six years before joining AEW in 2021.