Ronda Rousey Does Not Think Top WWE Heel Gets Enough Credit

An effective finisher is one of the easiest ways a WWE star can get over, but it isn't always enough. During a stream on her YouTube channel, the self-proclaimed Baddest Woman on the Planet and number one contender for the "SmackDown" Women's Championship, Ronda Rousey, named one WWE performer she doesn't think gets sufficient recognition for what he does in the ring.


When asked by a fan in the comment section what her favorite wrestling finisher of all time was, Rousey paused initially before responding.

"Of all time? That's tough," she said. "But do you know who I think has an amazing move set and doesn't get enough credit for how cool it is? Baron Corbin."

Corbin's finisher, the End of Days, has been putting his opponents away since his "NXT" debut in 2014. For more than seven years, nobody kicked out after being hit with the End of Days, making it one of wrestling's most protected moves in recent memory. Drew McIntyre finally became the first to survive the move earlier this year at WrestleMania 38, which devastated Corbin.

"That broke my heart," Corbin said. "Because that was kind of my thing, you know, I don't have a list of titles."


While Corbin is a former NFL player, Golden Gloves Boxing Champion, King of the Ring, and more, his only WWE championship gold came via his United States title run in 2017, which lasted only 70 days. Rousey, in contrast, has already won two women's titles in WWE, and she's going for her third at the Extreme Rules premium live event on October 8, when she challenges Liv Morgan for the "SmackDown" Women's Championship.