Happy Corbin On WWE WrestleMania 38 Spot: ‘That Broke My Heart’

At WWE WrestleMania 38 in April, Happy Corbin hit Drew McIntyre with his iconic End of Days, the one finishing move in all of WWE that hadn't been kicked out of since it debuted in 2014. When Corbin covered McIntyre, many assumed the match was instantly over and that the former Andre the Giant winner had just defeated the former world champion. But that's not what happened.


Instead, McIntyre became the first person to ever kick out of the move in the WWE, leading to an insane reaction from the live crowd. Corbin described his reaction that night as a guest on the "Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin."

"It wasn't my call, let's just say that," Corbin said. "The 100% honest truth, I would've loved to have saved that for a bigger moment for me and something that selfishly would've benefited me, but I think that 100% benefited him and where he's going. For me, I would've loved to save that for maybe a big match with Roman Reigns, or a moment where maybe I'm getting an opportunity to win a world title, and we can use that prior to winning or something like that ... it would've sat a lot better with me."


After the match, McIntyre broke the ring ropes with his sword, "Angela". Since then, Corbin has been in a feud with Madcap Moss while McIntyre is gearing up for his championship match against Roman Reigns.

"The way it went down for me was obviously not the way I wanted it to go," Corbin continued. "I think it made a special moment for him, and hopefully he appreciates that, and hopefully he knows what it meant to me. It got an unbelievable reaction when he did [kick out].

"That's the first-ever, so hopefully now maybe it's just one person in all of history that will kick out of it, who knows. But yeah, that broke my heart. I mean, that was hard. Because that was kind of my thing, you know, I don't have a list of titles ... it's unique nowadays to have a finish nobody's kicked out of, but it made it nearly 10 years."

You can see footage of McIntyre kicking out of the move below:

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