Cary Silkin Approached CM Punk About ROH Run Before Joining AEW

Former Ring of Honor owner Cary Silkin recalled the time the company tried to bring back CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. Both became well-known names in ROH before signing with WWE, where they became top stars.


Punk had a nasty falling out with WWE back in 2014. He wasn't involved in the wrestling business outside of a stint on "WWE Backstage" until 2021 when he debuted for AEW. During an interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Silkin revealed that attempts were made on ROH's end to bring Punk and Danielson back to the company before the COVID-19 pandemic took effect.

"Then in 2020, pre-pandemic, when he was out of wrestling, Sinclair, when they were still trying to grow this was ... And I don't remember if it was before the first All Out, All In or after, might have been after that. Sinclair was trying to lure CM Punk or Bryan Danielson or both."

Silkin reflected on telling Joe Koff that he had Punk's contact info, but ultimately nothing came of it.


"I said to Joe, 'I know Punk.' I said I could reach out to him and I did. I called him up. I didn't text him and he was in L.A. doing something and maybe some kind of film work and I gave him Greg's number and vice versa, or Joe's number and nothing ever happened."

Silkin added that Punk wasn't difficult to work with in his past experience.

"He was fine," Silkin said. "He was fine. Once in a while, just like all these guys, he would b*tch and moan, but overall, he was good to me and good for the company."

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