Seth Rollins Names Other WWE Star Who Is Operating On His Level

Many would argue that Seth Rollins is currently operating at the peak of his career despite not having held a major championship in the WWE since 2019, with his consistency and reliability as his most valuable attribute. On the other side of that spectrum is Rollins' former Shield partner, Roman Reigns, who is currently at the pinnacle of WWE, holding both the WWE and Universal Championships while wrestling a light schedule.


Rollins and Reigns have become the faces of the WWE this past year for different reasons, wrestling the most marquee matches for the company throughout that time and becoming the faces of opposing brands. The two will always be attached at the hip given their partnership and rivalry throughout their career, but Rollins does view a few others in WWE currently close to that level.

"I don't know if there's two guys operating on a level as high as ours right now," Rollins said during an interview with Sports Illustrated. "That's not to take away from anyone else. You have so many incredible talents that are kicking it into gear. Drew McIntyre comes to mind. So do Kevin Owens and Bianca Belair.

"There's a lot of people cooking and have the capability to reach the next level, but when it comes to reactions from the crowd and interaction with our audience, I don't think there is anybody operating on the level Roman and I are now."


'The industry is filled with people who think they're the best'

It's hard to deny Rollins' claim that no one in the company is operating at his or Reigns' level, but what about outside of WWE? It's hard not to argue for several names to be added into that conversation across the wrestling world, given the depth of the wrestling industry today. As someone who has been very vocal about wrestling outside of the WWE, Rollins decided to add a few more names to the list of talent he compares to himself and Reigns, naming several talents from All Elite Wrestling, including the third Shield member, Jon Moxley.


"But here's the best part. As good as I believe I am, and as good as Roman thinks that he is, the industry is filled with people who think they're the best," Rollins said. "I think that's awesome. That's pushing everyone forward. Drew thinks he's the best. Kenny Omega thinks he's the best. Mox thinks he's the best. Will Ospreay thinks he's the best. I love that confidence and that vibe. That pushes all of us to be our best."

As far as how close Moxley, Rollins, and Reigns are to this day, the former Universal Champion stated that he still has a great relationship with all three despite their competitiveness as wrestlers, saying during a different interview that there was "never any animosity" towards Moxley for leaving WWE to go to AEW.