GCW Fight Club 2022 Night One Results (10/8): Jon Moxley Vs. Nick Gage, Title Vs. Career

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Game Changer Wrestling presents Fight Club 2022 Night One live under the lights on the Garden Pier at the Showboat in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The main event will see reigning GCW World Champion Jon Moxley face Nick Gage in a Title vs. Career match. Moxley and Gage agreed to the match during GCW's Homecoming weekend, which also took place in Atlantic City. After Moxley had successfully retained the gold against Effy, Gage made his way down to the ring, setting his sights on the GCW World Championship. Moxley would ultimately agree to Gage's challenge, providing that he put his career on the line in the match. While it was unclear when the high-stakes encounter would take place, GCW later confirmed that the match would occur on the first night of Fight Club 2022. 

Tonight's card (announced before the show)

* Jon Moxley (c) vs. Nick Gage in a Title vs. Career for the GCW World Championship

* John Wayne Murdoch and Alex Colon (c) vs. Drew Parker and Rina Yamashita for the GCW World Tag Team Championship

* Jonathan Gresham vs. Jordan Oliver

* Allie Katch vs. Sawyer Wreck

* Cole Radrick and Joey Janela vs. Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo)

* YAMATO vs. Tony Deppen

* Shun Skywalker vs. Nick Wayne

Scramble Match Opens The Show, Nick Wayne vs. Shun Skywalker

- The show opens with a video package highlighting tonight's Title vs. Career match. 

Black Christian vs. Gringo Loco vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Shane Mercer vs. B-Boy vs. Lio Rush in a Scramble Match

The competitors in the match initially set their sights on Mercer. After a flurry of action, Christian found himself alone in the ring. As he stood on his own, Lio Rush made his way down to the ring. Rush was revealed as the final competitor in the match. Rush and Christian had a stare down. Christian and Rush went back-and-forth in the center of the ring. Moments later, Mercer took control of the match. Christian and Rush went at it again for a brief period. Loco returned to the ring and delivered a Spanish Fly to Christian. Loco then planted Christian into the canvas. Mercer sought to regain control of the bout, but Rush got the better of him. As the pace of the match increased, Loco connected with a Cutter to B-Boy. Loco then hit a Destroyer on Mercer. Christian returned and delivered a series of moves to Lloyd. Lloyd replied by driving Christian into the mat. Rush ultimately won the match after connecting with a Frog Splash from the top to Lloyd. 

Winner: Lio Rush via pinfall

- After the match, Christian got in Rush's face after the match. Christian applauded him. Rush and Christian shook hands. 

Nick Wayne vs. Shun Skywalker

Skywalker and Wayne had a feeling out process in the early stages of the match, with neither man willing to take any initial risks. After being caught on the outside, Skywalker sent Wayne into the ring post. Back in the ring, Skywalker locked in a submission on the visible injured right arm of Wayne. After taking some punishment, Wayne replied and began to build momentum. Both men connected with one another, simultaneously sending each other down on the canvas. Skywalker and Wayne exchanged strikes as they went back-and-forth. Skywalker planted Wayne into the mat, but Wayne managed to get his shoulder up in the middle of the pin attempt that followed. Wayne and Skywalker exchanged a series of pin attempts, but Skywalker won the bout after hitting an SBS. 

Winner: Shun Skywalker via pinfall

Allie Katch vs. Sawyer Wreck, Tony Deppen vs. YAMATO

Allie Katch vs. Sawyer Wreck

Wreck initially backed Katch into the corner of the ring. The height difference between Wreck and Katch played a part of the opening stages of the match. Katch tried to stop Wreck in her tracks by talking about the night being a romantic evening. Sawyer was having none of it and connected with a big boot to Katch. Katch did eventually halt Wreck's offense for a brief period and connected with a Cannonball. Wreck immediately responded with a suplex. Katch delivered a Northern Lights suplex, but it wasn't enough to put Wreck away. Katch planted Wreck on her head with a piledriver, but Wreck once again got her shoulder up during a pin attempt. Katch introduced some weapons and placed a wooden door on top of two steel chairs in the ring. After locking lips with Katch, Wreck sent the former GCW Tag Team Champion through the door with a chokeslam from the top to win. 

Winner: Sawyer Wreck via pinfall 

Tony Deppen vs. YAMATO

YAMATO initially got the better of Deppen in the early stages of the match. Both men brought the aggression and exchanged forearms in the center of the ring. Deppen managed to ground YAMATO and locked in a neck submission. Deppen became frustrated when YAMATO kicked out of his pin attempts. YAMATO fired back and connected with a dropkick in the corner of the ring. Deppen began to build some momentum as a portion of the fans started to chant his name. Deppen pulled out his mouth guard as he increased the intensity. Deppen and YAMATO exchanged strikes once again. Deppen delivered a Tombstone and followed it up with a running knee strike to win. 

Winner: Tony Deppen via pinfall

Los Mazisos vs. Joey Janela and Cole Radrick, Jonathan Gresham vs. Jordan Oliver

Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) vs. Joey Janela and Cole Radrick

The match broke down as the bell rang. Janela took out both members of Los Mazisos on the outside. Radrick pulled out a wooden door from underneath the ring. The brawl continued around the ringside area as Los Mazisos took control. Janela was busted open from a chair shot. Los Mazisos launched a door at Janela on the outside, which bounced off his head. A fired up "Bad Boy" returned to the ring to take out Ciclope and Extremo. Janela set up a door in the corner of the ring. Ciclope speared Janela through the door. Extremo returned to the locker room with a suspected broken arm. Radrick set up a door in the middle of the ring. Extremo returned to the ring after popping his own shoulder back into place. Ciclope moved the door to the corner of the ring. Radrick was sent through the door by Extremo. Moments later, Janela delivered a piledriver to Ciclope in the middle of the ring. Extremo appeared to be in some discomfort on the outside. Janela called for a vehicle to come down to the ring that ultimately lifted Janela into the air. Janela then connected with an elbow drop. Radrick accidentally hit a Cutter on Janela. The accident allowed Ciclope to pin Radrick with a roll-up. 

Winner: Los Mazisos via pinfall

- After the match, Janela and Radrick brawled around the ringside area. 

Jonathan Gresham vs. Jordan Oliver

Gresham and Oliver traded moves as the match got underway. Oliver sent Gresham down and took control of the bout. Gresham and Oliver exchanged chops in the middle of the ring. Gresham landed a standing dropkick to knock Oliver off his feet. Gresham held Oliver up and delivered a delayed vertical suplex. After taking further punishment from Gresham, Oliver attempted to build momentum. Gresham and Oliver exchanged chops once again. As the pace of the match picked up, Gresham hit a combination of moves. Oliver responded by delivering his own combination of moves. Oliver landed a Batista Bomb, but Gresham kicked out of the cover that followed. Gresham connected with a big knockout forearm shot to win. 

Winner: Jonathan Gresham via pinfall

Tag Team Deathmatch, Shota vs. Effy

Alex Colon and Matt Tremont vs. Drew Parker and Rina Yamashita in a deathmatch

It was revealed that Murdoch had pulled out of the match to take time off due to injury. Colon brought out Matt Tremont to be his partner for the non-title match. Initially, Yamashita and Colon fought in the ring as Tremont and Parker battled on the outside. Yamashita and Colon each used a light tube as a weapon. Tremont entered the ring and went to work on Yamashita. Colon and Tremont worked together on Yamashita. Colon, the legal man, split a tube in half and used the sharp edges on the head of Yamashita. Parker eventually became the legal man and connected with a Cutter on Colon. 

After once again taking control, Colon connected with double knees to Parker in the corner. Yamashita and Tremont became the legal competitors. Yamashita attempted to take Tremont down. Yamashita went for a suplex, but Tremont ended up landing on her. Tremont delivered a powerbomb to Yamashita from the top through a bundle of tubes. Parker and Yamashita fired each other up with light tubes. Parker and Yamashita smashed tubes over the head of Tremont. Colon called for panes of glass to be brought to the ring. Glass was set up on two chairs. Yamashita superplexed Tremont from the top through the glass. Yamashita clawed the testicles of Tremont and sent him down with a light tube. Yamashita set up a bundle of tubes on top of Tremont and connected with a Frog Splash from the top turnbuckle to win.

Winners: Rina Yamashita and Drew Parker via pinfall

Shota vs. Effy

Shota was making his GCW debut in this match. Effy immediately locked Shota in a wrist lock as the match began. Shota managed to reverse as Effy became frustrated. Effy eventually managed to take control of the match. After a combination of moves, Effy was unable to put Shota away. Effy connected with a spear. Shota attempted to build some momentum, but Effy landed the Zack Ryder to win. 

Winner: Effy via pinfall

Title vs. Career

- A video package played focusing on the Title vs. Career match. 

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Nick Gage w/ Dewey Donovan for the GCW World Championship in a Title vs. Career deathmatch

After stalling once the bell rang, Moxley locked up with Gage. Moxley and Gage exchanged words and went back-and-forth with forearms. Gage took Moxley off his feet with a clothesline. Donovan tossed Gage a pizza cutter, but Moxley exited the ring. Gage picked up a bundle of tubes on the outside, but Moxley baseball slid into him. Moxley suplexed Gage when he returned to the ring. Moxley smashed two bundles of tubes over the head of Gage. Moxley inflicted further punishment as blood poured out of the challenger's head. 

Gage eventually replied, taking down the champion with a spine buster and then a DDT. Gage delivered an elbow from the top to Moxley, who had a bundle of tubes placed on him. Gage took the pizza cutter and repeatedly used it on Moxley's forehead. Both men hit the ropes and collided in the middle of the ring. Moxley landed an Ace Crusher on Gage and set up a pane of glass in the corner. Moxley sidestepped a charging Gage and the challenger went crashing into the glass. After keeping Gage grounded, the champion set up a pane of glass covered in barbed wire in the corner. Out of nowhere, W. Morrissey entered the ring and chokeslammed Moxley through the glass. Moxley managed to get his shoulder up after Gage crawled over for a pin attempt. Gage ultimately connected with two piledrivers and a chokebreaker to win the GCW World Championship.

Winner and NEW GCW World Champion: Nick Gage via pinfall

After the match, the GCW locker room came down to the ring to celebrate. Gage took to the microphone and told everyone to give it up for Moxley. Gage said he had a lot of respect Moxley for telling AEW he will wrestle wherever he wants. Gage said he wouldn't have been able to win the title without the fans. Gage mentioned that GCW was the best promotion going. Gage told the haters to come and find him. The new champion engaged with the fans once again to close the show. 

- That's all for GCW Fight Club 2022 Night One!