Backstage WWE Update On Elektra Lopez's Legado Del Fantasma Status

Last week's episode of "SmackDown" had a lot to offer between another full appearance by The Bloodline, a Logan Paul pop-in, and another banger from Sheamus and GUNTHER. In addition, it brought about the main roster debut of Legado Del Fantasma. Three masked individuals hit the ring and took out Hit Row's Ashante "Thee" Adonis and Top Dolla, and a returning Zelina Vega blindsided B Fab, before revealing themselves to be Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro.  However, viewers familiar with LDF's time in "NXT" noticed someone, was missing. 


In August 2021, Elektra Lopez would be repackaged in "NXT" and align herself with Legado Del Fantasma, assisting the group in their initial feud with Hit Row. She remained an integral part of LDF throughout their time in "NXT." However, she was nowhere to be seen during their "SmackDown" call-up. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE officials were ready to call up Lopez alongside the rest of the faction — until they didn't.

Dave Meltzer stated that officials simply changed their minds, opting to have Vega return alongside the group instead and leaving others scratching their heads wondering what happened with Lopez's promotion to the main roster. "Everybody was under the impression [Lopez] was. Then they changed their mind, and she wasn't," said Meltzer. It's unclear what WWE's next move for Lopez is, given the expectation that she would carry one as a member of LDF. 


She last appeared on the August 9th edition of "NXT Lvl Up" where she defeated Sol Ruca.