Booker T Gives Insight Into New WWE NXT Role

Just last week, it was announced that Booker T will join Vic Joseph to help call the action on "WWE NXT."  Now, on his most recent "Hall Of Fame" podcast, Booker said he had no idea this opportunity was coming.


"You got to always stay ready just so you don't have to get ready," he said. Without naming names, Booker thanked everyone who helped him get the role, but did end up mentioning one person in particular.

"If it wasn't for him none of this would be possible, and that's Michael Cole, man," he said. "Michael Cole has been my guy for quite some time, man. He's been in my corner. So I just want to thank Michael Cole for making this all happen."

Booker was quick to note that he is not going to be making whimsical observations sitting alongside Joseph.

"I'm not a commentator," he said. "I will be coming in as an analyst, critiquing these guys trying to see where the money actually really is. Who may be the next-level NXT superstar and the quality that they bring to the table."


Booker's experience as an evaluator could be invaluable, as he's long operated his Reality of Wrestling school down in Houston, which has produced, among others, former "NXT" Women's Tag Team Champion Roxanne Perez. While there's been no official announcement of a backstage "NXT" role for Booker, he seemed to imply that he would be working with the brand's developing talent behind the scenes.

"I will be an advisor in certain aspects of guys," he said. "I'm all about trying to show these young guys what it takes to work at the top of the card." 

Booker will be replacing Wade Barrett, who has moved to "WWE SmackDown" to join Michael Cole.