Swerve Strickland On Why It Is Good If Tony Khan Is In Over His Head

Swerve Strickland has never been one to turn down a challenge and believes that his boss Tony Khan isn't one either. The former AEW World Tag Team Champion joined the "Say Less" podcast to speak on the belief that the AEW boss is in over his head when it comes to running a wrestling promotion.

"If he is in over his head – if he is," said Strickland, who made clear that it's all speculation on his part regarding Khan, "If he is in over his head, good because he has to be challenged that way. He needs to. He knows he needs to.

"You don't do a million-dollar gate on Wednesday night at Arthur Ashe without challenges. You don't think that's easy? No. He should be going at those challenges, he should be dealing with locker room morale," Strickland continued. "He has to go through that. If he doesn't how do we grow? We have to go through growing pains and I don't understand how people just think that's an AEW thing."

Being challenged in situations is something Strickland believes is across the board for anybody in life and Khan's former competitor in WWE has set plenty of precedents for that.

"Vince McMahon has fought people. We've seen these things, but that was like 20 years in the game. They almost went bankrupt how many times? AEW has to face these challenges because they have to grow and evolve and you don't grow and evolve without – you have to build Kevlar."

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