Jake Roberts Recalls Ridiculous Reason Rick Rude Got Arrested

On the "DDP Snake Pit" podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts recalled a time "Ravishing" Rick Rude found himself in police custody. The two had just finished their program in WWE and had a gentlemen's agreement out of respect they wouldn't call each other unless it was an absolute emergency. One morning around 4 o'clock, Roberts was awaken in his hotel room by a phone call from Rude; and when Roberts asked what was wrong, Rude responded, "Brother, do you have any condoms?" Annoyed, Roberts cursed out Rude, telling him, "Don't you ever call me again to wake me up looking for condoms" and hung up.

The next morning, Roberts stepped off the elevator and saw Rude at the front desk in handcuffs. Perplexed, Roberts stood off to the side to wait for the airport shuttle as he wasn't allowed to go over to talk to Rude. Once the shuttle arrived, Roberts asked the driver if he could wait a few minutes as he "wanted to see what happens to his buddy." 

"You know that f**king guy"? snapped the driver. When Roberts confirmed he knew Rude, the driver responded, "That guy's a f**king thief!" Befuddled by the accusation, Roberts asked the driver, "What are you talking about?" The driver stated, "That f**king guy broke into our restaurant at 4:30 this morning. Yeah, your buddy kicked the lock, kicked the door in." 

Taken aback, Roberts told the driver the story didn't sound like Rude. The driver then characterized Rude as a "weird cat." When Roberts inquired as to why, the driver told Roberts, "The only thing he stole is a large roll of saran wrap." Left speechless by the driver's revelation, Roberts looked back towards Rude and yelled out, "Rick! Saran wrap?" Rude mouthed back, "Wrap my d***." Roberts responded by making a bowing motion, saying "I'm not worthy of your presence mighty Rick."

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