Matt Hardy Recalls Three WWE Angles That Were 'Bad Calls'

Matt Hardy has reflected on three angles that WWE whiffed on due to being in poor taste. Hardy and his brother Jeff are a legendary tag team and created some highlight reel moments in WWE. There was a time, however, when Hardy felt he was stuck in a dark place and part of it had to do with degrading storylines.

During an appearance on SiriusXM's "Busted Open Radio," Hardy was asked about a storyline with Cody Rhodes when Rhodes gave him a rough time over his weight, as well as the "Piggy James" story. Hardy brought up his brother's negative experience as well.

"I agree, those were both bad calls in the big scheme of things," Hardy said. "Even when my brother was back, and he'd obviously had his struggles over the years with addiction and alcohol, the most recent obviously. When they put him on TV and put him in like an addict-alcoholism angle and story, I feel like those are in bad taste. I think you won't be seeing that as much now that Triple H is in charge. That's something you would never see underneath Tony Khan. He's very forward-thinking, very progressive, and he realizes people who have these real-life struggles, you have to separate them. You really shouldn't abuse them and make light of them on your television product."

Hardy went on to say that performers were given the option to decline certain pitches, but doing so could hurt their careers.

"Saying, 'no,' is something you have the option of doing, but it isn't something that is truly encouraged," Hardy said. "They want you to go with the flow."

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