Ronda Rousey Makes It Clear How Her Opponents Are Picked

Two-time "SmackDown" Women's Champion Ronda Rousey not only wants to be the best but also wants to build up the young talent around her. She finished a heated feud with a young Liv Morgan at the Extreme Rules event and is looking forward to who's next. In the latest episode of her "Ronda on the Road" series on YouTube, Rousey touched on how she chooses her opponents.


"I'm spoiled in that I get to pick who I want to work with like, 'Hey I think this person's awesome and has a lot of potential,'" she said. "I want to really, like, put this person over and have people see how great they are."

One talent that Rousey mentioned is Raquel Rodriguez. She got a taste of Rodriguez when they faced each other on the May 13 edition of WWE "SmackDown." Rousey revealed that she was impressed by her unique move-set and her charisma.

"I'm a fan of Raquel anyway. So I've been wanting to work with her for a while just cause she's so damn strong and then I don't have to worry about hurting her."

It may be a while before we see these two face off in the ring again. Rodriguez is currently paired on-screen with Shotzi. They're set to challenge for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship.


Meanwhile, we may see a storyline happening with Rousey and Shayna Baszler. Regardless, Rousey aims to put on a good show while also building up the future generation of wrestlers.

"If there's anything I can do in my time here, I hope that I leave a lot of respect and talent in my wake."

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