Bobby Lashley Reveals Major Injury He Wrestled Through Last Year

Bobby Lashley has a secret to fighting through the pain: "Adrenaline just wipes out everything."

In a recent appearance on the "Notsam Wrestling" show, Lashley was asked about wrestling with a headache or an injury, and "The All Mighty" was shockingly candid about his pre-match conditioning. "I don't think there's a time where I went out for any match where I thought 'Man, I feel great.'" Lashley does note, however, that he'll tell himself otherwise in order to psyche himself up for the match. 

Lashley pointed out the nine stitches that he recently received on his finger after going through a table. He described the sensation of "sitting there celebrating, and blood is just gushing out of my hand," opting to wrap his title around his arm to help the injury. "So I'm holding the title, and it's gushing," Lashley said, saying his finger was "just pouring blood and pouring blood" as he made his way through the crowd after the main event.

The former WWE United States Champion says he was scheduled to wrestle Mustafa Ali the next night on "Raw" in a hard-hitting match. "It hurt like hell, and it's cut all the way across; stitches are popping out," Lashley chuckled. "I told the trainer just wrap it up." The WWE trainer was prepared to tell the office Lashley couldn't wrestle, "but I'm not doing that," said Lashley, telling the trainer instead, "Tape it up, I'm ready to go!"

When the host pointed out that Lashley probably won't even remember the injury in two weeks, given the toll the job takes on talent, he admitted that he'd dealt with much worse recently. "I wrestled half of the year last year with a torn rotator cuff," Lashley admitted, to the incredulity of the "Notsam" team. "Seventy-five percent tear in my rotator," he added, assuring the hosts that he could still pick people up and work with the injury.

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