Tony Khan Gives Update On ROH PPV And Weekly TV Show Plans

Tony Khan hasn't been coy about his plans for Ring of Honor since purchasing the independent wrestling company this past March.

And now in a new interview with Sports Illustrated, the All Elite Wrestling owner gives an update on his plan to produce a weekly show for the red, white and black brand.

"We'll have great news soon about Ring of Honor weekly shows," Khan said. "The success of Death Before Dishonor on pay-per-view has ensured there will be more Ring of Honor pay-per-views."

Khan went on to say that "our goal is to have one more great pay-per-view for Ring of Honor in 2022 and then follow that up with a weekly show in 2023." ROH was one of the most prominent breeding grounds for North American pro wrestling stars since its founding in 2002. The Florida-based company was sold to Sinclair Broadcasting in 2011 and began to slowly expand into hosting pay-per-view events. Future WWE and AEW stars like Kevin Owens, Bryan Danielson, and Sami Zayn were all prominent members of the roster during that era.

The company then announced its hiatus in October 2021 before Khan revealed he purchased the independent brand earlier this year, as AEW began to mix in ROH wrestlers and titles onto its weekly programming, including Chris Jericho's current run as the ROH World Champion.