William Regal Addresses Wrestlers Trying To Be The Best In The World

William Regal was known for being a mat technician during his days as an in-ring performer, but he has a piece of advice for younger talent. Regal, who is seen regularly in AEW, spoke to "Metro" about today's crop of talent feeling pressured to be number one among all wrestlers worldwide.

"It's not a knock on anybody trying to be the best wrestler in the world, I just don't want them to eat their lives up, fixate on it," Regal said. "I've seen it put some of my friends in the grave. That's not an exaggeration. Some of my friends have gone to the grave because they have been trying to live up to too much, because they put so much pressure on themselves to be somebody you can never be."

Regal is aware that some of today's stars won't abide by what he's saying, but he insists his advice is being given so that performers can avoid putting mental stress on themselves.

"There's always gonna be at least one person will disagree – even if they don't disagree – just to disagree," Regal said. "If you listen to too much of it, it's gonna send you off the deep end."

The wrestling business has long been competitive, but perhaps even more so these days. With advancements in technology, it's easier than ever to watch matches from all over the world. Regal knows a thing or two about seeking out talent from multiple countries, as he played a role in helping scout talent for WWE's "NXT" brand before being released by the company earlier this year. Regal also had experience traveling overseas as an active wrestler for WWE and WCW after making a name for himself in the British scene.