Goldberg Confirms When His Current WWE Contract Ends

Paired with his memorable WCW undefeated streak, Goldberg created the vicious, passionate character we know him as now with signature expressions and characteristics like targeting someone with a "you're next!" or headbutting doors on the way to the ring. The latter has gotten him into some sticky situations in the past, and Goldberg appeared on the "RomanAtwoodPodcast" to recap the story of when Stephanie McMahon advised him to stop the spectacle. He also specified that his current contract is wrapping up with the company after two more months.

"Stephanie came up to me backstage one night and said, 'I heard you've been headbutting the doors.' I'm like, 'Yeah, that's how I've got to be me.' She goes, 'I don't want you headbutting anymore doors.'" Instead, Goldberg pivoted to a new way of making an impact on his way to the ring, but this one had just as poor of an outcome.

"I wanted to make sure that I was following her orders — they knock on my door. Wham! I punch the door and broke my hand. I never told them about it. So then, what am I going to do? 'Time out!' It's freaking live television. So, I punch the door. They're on the other side of the door, they don't know what's going on ... I wear these gloves, right? So, fortunately, I grabbed my glove and pulled my hand back out so I could move it. And I go, 'Okay, let's go to the ring.' So I went to the ring, I grab the rope and I fell. And it was the night Steve Austin and I met for the first time, I think, and we did the beer bash." Goldberg's most recent match was an unsuccessful attempt at winning Roman Reigns' WWE Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber this past February.