AEW Star Comments On The Bloodline And Roman Reigns' Heel Turn

Roman Reigns is a top heel in the wrestling business, but it was a long journey to get to this point. For years, Reigns had been pushed as WWE's top babyface. He was resented by many fans, who felt the character was being forced. Once Reigns aligned with Paul Heyman to form The Bloodline, fans began to embrace their "Tribal Chief."

AEW star Matt Hardy thinks Reigns has been doing a fine job. During a recent edition of "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," he shared his opinion on why Reigns' heel turn has become successful. "Yeah, I think it's been really good," Hardy said. "I honestly believe the biggest difference in being successful as a top draw as a heel nowadays is the fans because they just understand better. It's kind of been whittled down to a smaller niche of pro wrestling fans, and they really get what's going on."

Hardy continued, saying that Vince McMahon held off the turn for a long time despite the writing on the wall. "I remember Vince was so hesitant for so many years to turn Roman into a heel," Hardy recalled. "Roman as the top babyface, which he was being pushed and promoted as during that time, I knew whenever they decided to turn him heel, because fans were already booing, they were ready and it was gonna be easy to do, and all it was gonna do ultimately was make him into a much bigger star."

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