Uncle Howdy Interrupts Bray Wyatt On WWE SmackDown

Uncle Howdy has arrived in WWE. 

Bray Wyatt's supposed alter ego / inner demon revealed himself on the 10/28 "WWE SmackDown" in St. Louis, MO, interrupting a promo segment where Wyatt, once again in his most human form, addressed his demons and claimed he no longer needs to hide behind masks. Wyatt told the WWE Universe that this is "the best version of him" they will ever see and that he plans on doing "some spectacular things" in his comeback run. 

Wyatt then admitted he has been "out of control" for the majority of his life, and he's been unable to keep a lid on his emotions, which send him to a "very, very dark place" every so often. Wyatt said that although he's willing to face his demons, he realizes there will come a time when he'll be "asked to do something horrible."

Just as Wyatt continued to address his demons, the lights in the arena went pitch black, and a QR code popped up on the screen. Uncle Howdy then introduced himself as "the ghost of the man who sold the world" before breaking into laughter that resembled Wyatt's voice. 

"You're a fool, you killed the world," Uncle Howdy told Wyatt. "You sent him [The Fiend] away, and now, you're just a shell of what you once were. I say to revel in what you are, but you, you are a liar. You claim you don't wear a mask and we both know that's not true, don't we? I can see you. You'll never be able to hide from me, your Uncle Howdy!"

The show went off the air with a close-up shot of Uncle Howdy followed by the Wyatt 6 moth logo.

The aforementioned QR code directed fans to an image of Wyatt with the text "Liar" scribbled all over Wyatt's face. 

We first learned about Uncle Howdy through last week's QR code which led fans to a receipt detailing a "Psychological and Psychiatric Evaluation" for Wyatt. The evaluation form was accompanied by a video of Uncle Howdy, who could be heard saying "Howdy!" also in a voice very similar to Wyatt's.