Dale Earnhardt Jr. Lists His All-Time Favorite Pro Wrestlers

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. has revealed his favorite wrestlers of all time. Earnhardt attended the October 24 episode of "WWE RAW" inside the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. At one point in the show, The Miz demanded that WWE take the cameras off of Earnhardt because his issues with Dexter Lumis were more important.

During an episode of the "Dirty Air" podcast, Earnhardt discussed his favorite wrestlers and why he attended "WWE RAW."

"If I can kind of be quite honest about it, the wrestlers that I liked were Dusty Rhodes, Magnum T.A., Stone Cold, I did like The Rock, but not at first," Earnhardt said. "The guys that I like are kind of like blue-collar, t-shirt and jeans, for me I'm still looking. That's why I went. I got some friends of mine that go all the time. I said, 'I wanna get back into it. I need to find that Steve Austin, I need to find that Dusty Rhodes character that I wanna connect to,' and I guess that's what I'm looking for is to try to find that one character that I'm like, 'Man, that's cool. That's the guy next door, beer-drinking buddy that I want to hang out with.'"

Earnhardt went on to say that what he looks for in performers are those he can relate to. He said he's been waiting for the type of wrestler who is "pulling the motor out of his car in his garage." While Earnhardt doesn't exactly relate to The Miz, he did admit that he found the A-lister to be "hilarious."

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