Tony Schiavone Reveals Close Connection With New AEW Producer

AEW recently hired a new producer that announcer, senior producer, and overall wrestling legend Tony Schiavone knows very, very well. So who is this new producer? Schiavone not only revealed the identity of this mystery person on the latest episode of "AEW Unrestricted", but revealed that said producer started with AEW a week ago, when the promotion ran "AEW Rampage" out of their home base of Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida.


"We have just hired a brand new producer to help us backstage," Schiavone said. "It's a producer who's had fifteen years of network TV experience, really knows what he's doing. I really wrestled with him wanting to come work for us. It's my son, Matt, who will start as a producer in Jacksonville. And as this thing airs, it's already happened.

"He had such a good job. But he, just like us, loves pro wrestling and wanted to do it. I went, 'Matt, are you sure? 'Cause, it's freakin' crazy back there!' And Tony said, 'Well I'm not going to have him work under you.' And I said 'Good.' He's going to work under Sonjay [Dutt]. So anyway, I'm very proud of him."

While primarily a TV producer, Matt Schiavone has experience in pro wrestling, having previously served as a producer and freelancer for the Starrcast wrestling fan fests. He has helped produce Starrcast since the May 2019 convention took place the same week as AEW's first PPV event, Double or Nothing.


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