Brian Gewirtz Points Out 'Magic' Going On Within The Bloodline

One of the longest tenured pro wrestling writers of all-time is loving what The Bloodline are doing each week on WWE's "SmackDown."

Brian Gewirtz, who wrote for the WWE for 12 years as one of its head writers, discussed the popular WWE storyline on the latest episode of the "Under the Ring" podcast


"They're probably the best act going right now," Gewirtz said, before explaining what recent adjustment the WWE made with The Usos that has made their family stable alongside Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn pick up steam in recent months.

"I remember I used to give notes when I was consulting with WWE and The Usos would come out – they're great in the ring, but they'd come out, they'd do their big entrance, they'd have a great match and they'd go to the back and that was relatively it," he said. "It's not really their fault, that was the opportunity they were given and they did what they were given. But I always thought to myself that if Jimmy and Jey actually craft specific personalities and traits and you could clearly tell one from the other and you could give descriptions based on their personality and character that isn't based on their wrestling moves – like, one's friendlier, one's a little short-tempered, all that stuff is coming out now in the storyline with Sami Zayn."


Gewirtz, who now works with The Rock at his Seven Bucks Production company, said there's "a really cool dynamic" going on with The Bloodline because of The Usos distinct personalities. "And that's why they're flourishing so much," he said, "because you actually get to see individual human beings and differentiate them and that's where the magic happens."