Johnny Gargano Pitches Series To Peacock

Coming off "WWE Raw" this week, former "WWE NXT" Champion Johnny Gargano pitched an idea to Peacock for his own series after he delved into the ongoing mystery surrounding The Miz and Dexter Lumis. Gargano has been hinting that he knows what is going on between the two, and he revealed all in a sit-down interview with Byron Saxton this week.


The segment brought plenty of comedy, as Gargano told the story to the WWE broadcaster while re-enactments were shown that had Gargano playing everyone involved from Lumis and Miz to Indi Hartwell. The segment proved to be popular with fans, and one tweeted the suggestion of Gargano looking into the mystery that is the "NXT" parking lot. That backstage area has become a running joke among fans in recent years due to how many people are randomly attacked there. Gargano likes the idea.

He tweeted: "Hey @peacock! A WWE Investigates series where I go around with my band of "re-enactment actors" and look into unsolved mysteries sounds pretty good.."

When it came to his findings on Miz and Lumis, Gargano claimed that an agreement was initially struck between them when the A-Lister found Lumis drawing on the streets for money after losing his job. Gargano claims that Miz originally started paying the former "NXT" star to pretend to kidnap and attack him to gain him sympathy and press, but he believes Miz stopped paying and the situation has become real. 


Neither Miz nor Lumis confirmed the theory during the episode, but once again the latter tried to attack the former two-time WWE Champion during his match against Mustafa Ali.