R-Truth's Friend Little Jimmy 'Attacked' By WWE NXT Star

After R-Truth reportedly suffered a lower leg injury during his one-on-one match with Grayson Waller on this week's episode of "WWE NXT," a close associate of his then felt the wrath of Waller. 

In a WWE Digital Exclusive, Waller was shown in the locker room talking with R-Truth's imaginary buddy Little Jimmy. However, things took a turn after Waller advised Jimmy to go and check on the former 24/7 Champion. The Australian star decided to attack the imaginary figure before shoving him into a locker and closing the door. Waller then proceeded to talk into the camera about how getting in the ring with him isn't safe because he hurts people. Waller concluded the segment by stating that he ran "NXT" and that it was all "the Grayson Waller effect" — which is also the name of Waller's in-ring talk show on the brand. 


During R-Truth's and Waller's bout on Tuesday night, R-Truth went for a dive over the top rope to take out Waller on the outside of the ring. However, he took a rough landing as he hit the floor, immediately clutching his left leg upon impact. R-Truth was ultimately helped to the back by WWE officials, as Waller taunted the crowd in attendance. The referee eventually decided to call off the match due to R-Truth not being able to continue and awarded the victory to Waller. After being declared the winner, Waller took to the microphone in the center of the ring to vent his frustrations yet still manage to brag about his success that night.