Matt Cardona Didn't Realize He Was Central Focus Of Recent Project

Matt Cardona didn't exactly know what he signed up for when he joined the cast of a pro wrestling musical titled  "The Last Match."

On the latest episode of the "Notsam Wrestling" podcast with host Sam Roberts, Cardona explained how he joined the musical, which is about a pro wrestler's final match and the drama surrounding it. Cardona plays supporting character Alexander Swagger, but didn't realize the character's significance because the former WWE star said he "didn't read the whole script" at first.

"When I accepted the role, I just read up to my part and then, 'Oh, okay, that's it,' but I didn't realize I'm the main dude," Cardona said with a laugh. "I'm in the entire thing, which it's something I'm not used to because, okay, like in wrestling, you get ready for your match, match is over, you can relax. Not here. You got to go do your next scene, and your next scene, and your next scene – and then holy s***, the finish of the show is a match!"

Cardona was surprised by "how hard and how stressful" rehearsals were and said the easiest part ended up being wrestling. "I got the match down in a second," he said. "But the dialogue — it's not just a bunch of different promos, it's dialogue back-and-forth."

Cardona said his castmates helped him feel comfortable and confident with the script, which "helped a lot."

"The Last Match" premiered in September at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, N.J. A second performance is scheduled for November 14 at the venue.

"I'm excited," Cardona said. "I knew that there was a plan for this to keep going, but I didn't know what the exact plan was; I still don't, to be honest, but I know I'm attached to it. As far as that goes, I'm along for the ride."

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