Matt Cardona Makes Bold Claim About His Popularity Compared To Jon Moxley's

Matt Cardona feels responsible for the biggest show in the history of Game Changer Wrestling.

In an appearance on Notsam Wrestling, Cardona revealed how he feels he deserves more credit for GCW running the Hammerstein Ballroom than a certain AEW star.


"I'm the reason GCW sold out the Hammerstein Ballroom," Cardona said. "I will say that if I didn't go to GCW to have that Nick Gage deathmatch, that momentum would not have been started that led them to Hammerstein. That's a shoot. That's not me being a gimmick. That match trended #1 over the Olympics, over UFC that night.

"Moxley comes in, he wins the title, doesn't do anything with it. He's never trending when he does the deathmatch stuff. I understand it's cool. 'Oh we have this AEW guy as the champ.' But he's not doing anything for the company. What did he do for the company?"

Cardona also wouldn't mind having the GCW World Title back around his waist.

"I absolutely want to have it again," Cardona said. "It's not the GCW Deathmatch Championship, it's the GCW World Championship. I love GCW. I love the roster, I think everyone's hungry, I think everyone brings something to the table. I think Brett Lauderdale is a cheap SOB, but he is passionate, and I think he's ahead of the curve on a lot of things.


"I truly think GCW is the third big promotion in the United States. I don't think it's an indie. It doesn't just run in Jersey once or twice a month. It runs all over the country, all over the world, every single weekend. That's not an independent promotion in my opinion."

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