Bodhi Hayward Explains Why He Was Shocked By WWE Release

Earlier this week, WWE did another round of releases. While nothing to the extent we have seen in the past, some "NXT" talents are no longer with the company. These names include Sloane Jacobs, Erica Yan, Damaris Griffin, and Ru Fen. However, a more notable fifth name that saw their release from the company was Chase U member, Bodhi Hayward. He was featured regularly on "NXT" programming and his release came as a surprise to many, including Hayward himself.

"My initial thought was, I was in shock. It was 100% out of left field," Hayward said in a recent interview with PWMania's Scott Mitchell.

Hayward made his debut in "NXT" earlier this year, joining Andre Chase as a part of Chase U. He represented the fictional college during the rest of his WWE tenure, even having high hopes for it.

"I was thinking Chase U main roster," Hayward said, "but I was shocked and hurt."

Chase U added its newest member, Duke Hudson recently, seemingly taking Hayward's place in the stable. Hayward explained how his release taught him an important lesson about the business side of pro wrestling.

"It showed me that there is a lot more to this business that maybe I do have to learn about."

Continuing on about the wrestling business, Hayward thinks he knows what will make him successful.

"I love being in front of crowds. I never feel more comfortable than being in front of them. That's what will make me successful in this business."