QT Marshall Recalls Putting Bags On Ugly People For Cody Rhodes

Let's take a trip back to 2011. In January of that year, Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes went one on one on an episode of "WWE SmackDown" leading into the Royal Rumble. During the match, Rey Mysterio hit Rhodes with a 619 that legitimately broke the nose of the future "American Nightmare."

After some time spent on the shelf, Rhodes undashingly returned to WWE and picked up where he left off with Mysterio. The two went at it once again at WrestleMania 27 later that year with Rhodes picking up the victory. One more match was scheduled between the two, with a Falls Count Anywhere bout set to take place at Extreme Rules. While the match was remembered positively by wrestling fans, an interesting new fact just came out about the match.

Now let's say you attended the Extreme Rules 2011 event and ... you're ugly. No offense, just Rhodes thought your looks weren't up to his standards. If you were ugly enough to receive one of Rhodes' paper bag face masks, then you may have encountered one QT Marshall. The AEW star took to social media recently to reveal that he was indeed one of Rhodes' "baggers."

"He told me if I put these bags on the ugly people, he'd change my life," said Marshall.

At the time, Marshall was very early in his pro wrestling career, having made his in-ring debut just two years earlier. Rhodes and Marshall wouldn't cross paths again for another eight years. The two found themselves working together in All Elite Wrestling together, first as friends but ended up becoming in-ring rivals after nearly two years. The two even own and operate a wrestling school together in Norcross, Georgia.