HEATH Still Upset Over Big WWE Loss

HEATH has done well for himself as a tag team wrestler over the course of his career, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships three times and the Impact World Tag Team Championship once — titles he and Rhino currently hold. This journey has not come without a few bumps in the road though such as SummerSlam 2010; Team WWE defeated The Nexus, which HEATH was a part of, in the main event of SummerSlam. John Cena was the last man standing in the elimination match, securing a win for his side – and effectively killing any momentum The Nexus had built to that point. In an interview with "Cultaholic Wrestling," HEATH revealed his current feelings about how things went down.


"People still talk about it. That was one of those moments that where people said, 'What the hell?' I mean, we might not have won that many matches how it was planned and the bull crap and how they did it, man. SummerSlam still pisses me off," HEATH said. "But it's one of those things to where like, they should've had us dominate SummerSlam, go to 'Mania, let the whole supergroup of WWE beat us. But like, there was so much they could've done, but there were so many egos flying at the time where they didn't want us, a group of rookies, to take a step forward I'm guessing." Prior to this match, The Nexus had been dominating everyone they crossed paths with in WWE; all seven of its members began making a name for themselves as most of their careers were just getting started.


HEATH recalled how long before the SummerSlam bout The Nexus still believed they would be walking away with the victory. "When we were there, they had us scheduled to win," HEATH continued. "Then, four hours later we lose. So it's like, 'What just happened?' You know?"