Triple H Gives Insight Into What Fans Can Expect From WWE NXT Europe

WWE announced the launch of "NXT Europe" back in August. Expected to arrive in 2023, the new brand looks to encompass more Pan-European countries. WWE recently held its Q3 earnings call and Chief Content Officer, Paul "Triple H" Levesque, provided more insight into the idea behind the shift and why "WWE NXT UK" was shut down.


"When we started NXT UK, the desire was to sort of replicate what we were doing in the U.S. and we got a start on it and then COVID hit and slowed everything down, and then we needed to rethink it. So we got to a place where we were ready to go again but it's sort of tough to rebrand something and reboot it while you're still running it," Levesque said. "So we shut it down. As Europe evolves and grows once we bring that back I think we will begin to see it replicating a bit more of what you see in the U.S."

Similar to the U.S., the brand looks to serve as a "feeder system" for WWE, recruiting athletes from all around Europe and developing them for the main roster. In addition, the localized presence allows them to attract talent from countries outside of the continent like South Africa and India.


"It's very difficult for us to find athletes, bring them to the US to begin training. It's a very long process for us. We can get them into Europe in a much quicker fashion and get them training much quicker, much faster, and have success in a shorter period of time. So it becomes a very key hub for us. I think once Europe is established you will see us begin to look at branching that out into other markets as well."