Solo Sikoa Responds To The Rock Calling Himself Head Of The Table

Solo Sikoa puts The Rock's recents comments in question as to who the "Head Of The Table" really is. The youngest member of The Bloodline spoke with "Republic World" and was asked about his famous relative's comments regarding who really should be acknowledged as the head of the family.


"He is not here in WWE so I don't know what table he is talking about, there are other tables in the family. I don't know if he got a pick specifically on which table he is talking about. I know Roman is head of our table, that's the table I said," Sikoa said. Would the former "NXT" star like to witness The Rock and Reigns tie it up sometime? "When the time presents itself, man, Rock and Roman that'll be something cool to see down the road," he added.

The Rock isn't ruling that out from happening. When he was asked about who the "Head of The Table" is in an interview with E! News, The People's Champion didn't say it was him directly, but he made it pretty clear who he thought ran the show. "Who is 'Head of the Table?' Without saying any names, you're looking into his eyes right now," The Rock said. Not counting his several brief appearances on WWE shows — or a seconds-long "match" against Erick Rowan at WrestleMania 32  — The Rock hasn't set the table in the ring for almost ten years. He last wrestled John Cena at WrestleMania 29 in New York City where he dropped the WWE Championship to Cena in the main event, but he also injured himself during the match, putting his filming of "Hercules" on hold.