Bodhi Hayward's Next Move Could Be International Following WWE Release

Bodhi Hayward is no longer a member of the "WWE NXT" roster and considering he was a big part of Chase U, many fans were surprised by his release. As some sat stunned, one "NXT UK" star didn't hesitate to reach out to Hayward. During an interview with Steve Fall of the "Ten Count," Hayward talked about his release and how he's putting his next steps together.


"I've been lucky enough that in the short time that I was introduced to the business and went from being 'greener than a tree frog,' as Fit Finlay might say, to kind of where I am now. I've made a lot of good connections," Hayward said. "So, I'm gonna use those connections to try to figure out what is next for me."

As far as a former "NXT UK" star who reached out to him, he was quick to heap praise and tease a leap across the pond.

"There's talk of promotions all over the country, promotions internationally, going over to the UK," Hayward said. "I was only over there for 10 days with NXT UK, but I was able to make great friends over there as well. From Trent Seven all the way down — yeah, he's a great guy, and he contacted me right away. We stayed pretty close."


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit the "Ten Count," with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.