Ronda Rousey Is Trying To Push An Internal WWE Cultural Shift

Ronda Rousey may be back atop the WWE as the "SmackDown" Women's Champion, but she's not content to rest on that. With all of the changes WWE has undergone recently, one constant remains the superstars. And with women's wrestling garnering an ever-increasing share of attention, "The Baddest Woman on the Planet" is hoping to change things from within. In her latest episode of "Ronda on the Road," she expanded on those goals.

"Ever since I've got here I've been trying to push it's not us versus each other, it's us versus the men," Rousey said. "Our match is competing against the men's match, and we're trying to show that we're on the same level. Who cares who wins a fake fight? It's all about us as a team, making sure our match is super f***ing awesome."

Rousey knows that the world of professional wrestling is competitive enough without others trying to knock each other down every chance they get. For her, it's all about being as entertaining as possible while putting on the best match possible. She noted that everyone she works with seems really excited about this potential shift, but her ultimate goal is to make fans and higher-ups also realize that women are half of WWE, not just a small percentage to be ignored.

"I want to win," she continued. "If I'm going to be on a team, I'm going to be on the best f***ing team ever, and we're going to love kicking everyone's ass together. And if we come to a pay-per-view like Backlash and there's only one women's match out of six, people should be bothered by that and say something."

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