Shaun Ranft

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
American Wrestling, WWE, AEW
  • Shaun was born in 1989, and while he doesn't have a whole lot of concrete wrestling memories from the 1990s, he does vividly remember watching Mankind win the gold in 1999.
  • While he doesn't make it out to too many live wrestling events, he tries to catch either Raw or SmackDown when they travel to Milwaukee – and now AEW as well, even if they're only here once a year. Otherwise, he's attended the occasional ROH event in Illinois in the past.
  • Even though he's not writing about this in a professional space at the moment, Shaun has begun to jot down and expand on what fashion in wrestling has meant to him personally, beginning with Seth Rollins and his suits.


Shaun has been a professional and creative writer, as well as a professional wrestling fan, for many years. At Wrestling Inc. he tackles News coverage quickly and thoroughly, but every once in a while gets to flex his Op-Ed muscles as well. He previously wrote, edited, and was Managing Editor of The Sports Post / Prime Sports Net. And when he's not writing about wrestling, he's usually touching up his poetry or writing about video games, music, and other entertainment. Work of his has previously appeared on Twinfinite, TheSportster, Brew Crew Ball, and WUWM's 89.7.


Shaun earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English & Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
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