Arn Anderson Says Some Young Wrestlers Are Making A Big Mistake

For professional wrestlers seeking longevity in their careers, there are a variety of things that can factor into play in determining such length. However, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson believes there's one relatively simple thing younger wrestlers can do now to help potentially ensure more years in the squared circle — even if it means altering one's look a bit.


"One thing I want to point out that you may look through history and see at what point it happens, but if you notice [Gene] Kiniski and if you notice [Steve] Austin, one thing that was missing: kneepads," Anderson said during a recent episode of "ARN."

Ultimately, "Stone Cold" resorted to wearing knee braces later in his career due to the damage he'd done to them. But for aspiring wrestlers or those who have just begun embarking on their career, Anderson believes they can and should wear kneepads now in order to save themselves a fair bit of trouble later on.

"Young guys that don't wear knee pads — that don't feel they need 'em or don't want 'em or whatever — is a big mistake," he added. "I would advise every young wrestler, male or female, from the first time you step in the ring, kneepads are essential equipment to giving you longevity and protecting you."


Injuries are always going to be part of the game that is professional wrestling. No performer will ever come out entirely unscathed. And yet, there are always precautions that can be taken, particularly ones that have a minimal effect on a wrestler's overall presentation. But kneepads aren't the only piece of equipment Anderson recommends for protection, adding "It's just like wrestling boots ...Wrestling boots are there for a reason. Lace 'em up tight and they will protect you."

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