WWE Teases Bray Wyatt's First Opponent Since Comeback

After weeks of being at war with himself, and addressing his demons, Bray Wyatt finally seemed to pick a fight on the 11/11 episode of "WWE SmackDown." 

In a backstage interview with Megan Morant, LA Knight complained about not being included in the 8-man bracket for the "SmackDown" World Cup, and how his absence from the tourney is "a fumble" that needs to be acknowledged by the announcers. Just then, the monitor behind him flashed a graphic of the Wyatt 6 moth logo, which seemed to further annoy Knight.


"Fix that, go ahead and turn this trash off," Knight told WWE's backstage crew. "I don't need his stuff here, this is my time!"

When Knight turned around, he was confronted by Wyatt, who proceeded to introduce himself to the megastar. 

"I know we haven't met, my name is Bray," Wyatt told Knight. "So now we can be friends, right? I think I understand you, I can see all that anger and rage brewing inside you. Me too, man! My whole life, people have been telling me that my rage was going to make a monster out of me. For the longest time, I've been pretending that I'm not proud of the things that I do. I don't know how true that is anymore [laughs]. I know what it takes to give respect, and I'm asking you: how far are you willing to go?"


In response, Knight seemingly mocked Wyatt's former Firefly Fun House persona. 

"How far I'm willing to go ain't none of your damn business," Knight said. "How far you're willing to go should be back to your romper room, play with your little puppets, stick them anywhere they give you pleasure – it's okay with me. But, end of the day, if nobody asked you – who's game is it? It's LA Knight' game."

At this point, another Wyatt graphic flashed in the background monitor, following which Wyatt struck Knight with a shoulder tackle/headbutt. 

Fans on social media have been buzzing about a possible Wyatt vs. Knight match, with both wrestlers' names trending following their brief segment. Wyatt was last seen in a match against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37.